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Whats better than a street fair? A street fair DEDICATED to cupcakes, of course!!!! You can only imagine the excite that came over me when my roommate uttered the question,”Do you wanna go to a CUPCAKE FESTIVAL this weekend?” As  mentioned in my prior post, The Most Unlikely Place to Eat the Best Pizza, I attended the K 104 Cupcake Festival in Fishkill, NY, and it was a sweet adventure!

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Vanilla Salted Caramel Cup Cake from Flour and Sun Bakery

Background on the festival:

  • This year, 2014, was the 3rd annual K104 Cupcake Festival.
  • May 4th, from 1-5pm on Main St. in the Village of Fishkill
  • Free Admission!! (But you have to pay each vendor for cupcakes and other baked goods)
  • 17 cup cake vendors, 5 food&beverage, 26 goods&services, 5 fun for kid stands/vendors
  • Cupcake Wars competition: 12 competitors compete for the award of Best Cupcake with an $1000 prize!
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ShopRite’s beautifully decorated cupcakes

Spotlight on the Cupcakes:

  • Vegan and Gluten-Free- Eat This Bakery– This cupcake bakery had some of the most exciting flavors, including a cinnamon toast crunch
    photo 2 copy 11

    Forget Me Not’s Cupcake Bus

    and strawberry lemonade cupcake! With traditional, gluten-free, and vegan options!

  • Amazing Decorations– ShopRite of Wappingers Fall: This may be a shock that among the many cupcake venders I saw at the festival, ShopRite had the MOST BEAUTIFULLY decorated cupcakes.
  • Cupcake Bus- Forget Me Not Cupcakes: Not only did Forget Me Not Cupcakes win last year’s Cupcake Wars, but they are serving their award winning cupcakes out of a custom cupcake bus!!
  • Most Festive- La Sweet Cakes: Being the fourth of May, with Cinco de Mayo just a day away, their Cinco de Mayo cupcake with tequila-lime cupcake stuffed with fresh raspberry jam was decorated as a festive drink, with a straw and all!



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La Sweet Cakes tasty treats! Top: Cinco De Mayo Bottom: Lemon and Raspberry

Not only did they have cupcake venders, but jewelry stores selling cupcake merchandise and a coffee brewer selling CUPCAKE FLAVORED COFFEE!

For more information on the festival, vendors, and competition visit K 104’s website!

If you are like me and can’t get enough of these food themed festivals, check out this website to find a festival in near you!



The Most Unlikely Place to Eat the Best Pizza

photo 1 copy 14Although, I try to eat as healthy as possible, PIZZA is my biggest weakness. Being from New Jersey, within good proximity to NYC, I’d say I’ve had my fair share of excellent pies; however, yesterday I had a slice of pizza that could only be described as legendary.

THE PIZZA: Yesterday I attended  the Cupcake Festival in Fishkill NY, and in a sea of sweet sugary goodness, I found what may have been the best pizza I’ve eaten in my life thus far. Well to start off, I was beyond hungry when I came across this pizza stand, so much so that my body actually just seem to gravitate towards it.  Not only was it radiating the most delicious perfume of basil, olive oil, and fresh bread, BUT the slice was actually bigger than my head.

I ate it bite by bite, true street festival style, as we walked along looking at all the different cupcake
and bakery vendors. When I was done with my slice I was over come by two emotions: satisfaction because it was so delicious and satisfied my every pizza want, BUT also disappointment because it was gone.  Throughout the rest of the day I RAVED about this pizza. I posted about it on Twitter and Instagram (that’s when you know I mean business).  I could have easily eaten that pizza twelve times over.

The take away: Not in a million years did I think that I’d find the best pizza at a cupcake festival! Just goes to show you may find the greatest treasures in the places you’d least expect it!

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~Stay Cheesy~