Egg-static About Brunch


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My DELICIOUS Easter brunch!

The trend of Brunch has recently EXPLODED in modern American culture.  Brunch is everywhere! From brunch recipes on the Food&Drink page of Pinterest, to Brunch @ Bobby’s that airs on the Food Network, to Yelp-ing the best brunch places everywhere you go (that last one might just be me… BUT ANYWAYS), this mystical meeting of breakfast food and day drinking has rightfully won a prominent place in our hearts. Some do it for the social aspects, some from the food (or the booze), but for whatever reason you brunch, it’s clear that we can’t just like brunch, but rather we’ve become obsessed with it.

You know something is “IN” when Buzzfeed creates a quiz or post about it, and right now there is no shortage of brunch posts on their site. FOR INSTANCE:

Whether you have a go to brunch spot or  prefer to do your brunching at home, good food and good company are what count!

AND do not fear if you are out of town and miss your weekly hybrid of bfast and lunch, for Food&Wine Magazine has established a list of credible brunch places in major cities throughout the US to tickle your brunch fancy wherever life may take you.  Click here to check it out!

Of course, I myself have fallen under the luster of brunch.  As I usually participate in a Saturday 11 am brunch that  lasts until 2 pm or longer, because lets face it, us brunch-ers take our brunching VERY seriously.  It has a way of making waking up mid afternoon and stuffing your face with food and drinks for hours so elegant. Essentially, brunch can be made into anything one desires from healthy and light pickings to a calorie-dense sweet and savory buffet of goodness.  With nothing but positive vibes, there is NO DENYING  that brunch is here to stay.

Whats your favorite brunch recipe? REPLY IN THE COMMENTS!

~Stay classy & keep brunchin’ ~