About a week ago, my mom and I took a trip into the city to see a taping of ABC talk show, The Chew.

I wish I could say that the whole experience was on a whim, BUT a lot of planning went into making the day a success.

I don’t personally watch the show daily (especially not when I’m in school), but over the summer I would always find myself catching episodes while I was at the gym, go figure! Knowing I was going to be home for spring break, I figured it would be a great idea to witness what goes behind the scenes of a food themed TV show.

Steps to get YOU to The Chew:

  1. Request Your Tickets: About a month or two before the show date you’d like to attend you must fill out a request at ImageTHIS website stating who you are, how many people are in your party, the date you’d prefer to see the show, and a back up date.
  2. RSVP: If they have room and can fulfill your request, they will email you the date (out of the two that you provided) as well as a time(as they shoot at 9 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday) . If you can attend, you reply to their email with the information they requested (the parties name, the full name of everyone in your party)
  3. The Follow Up: After RSVP-ing you will receive a few emails as the show approaches regarding what to bring and what wear for the taping. The show I saw was on the first day of spring, so we were told to wear bright and jewel tone colors!
  4. The DAY: On the day of the taping, they tell you to arrive a little more than an hour before the show starts, no later (We were told to arrive BY 11 a.m. for our 12:15 p.m. show). However, I would
    suggest getting their earlier because there really is not guarantee you will get into see the tapping. Once you arrive at the studio, you wait outside on line and producers usher you in by group. Once you get in, you receive a ticket and they guide you into the waiting room which has small snacks and water.  THEN, they begin to call tickets and take you into the studio, seat you, and you enjoy the show!!!

photo 1 copy 8


  • I went to see the show on a Thursday; however, it was really the Friday morning show they were taping.
  • I was really interesting to watch all the people and preparation that goes into the show before they started taping and during commercial breaks. They went from having the 4 co-host being the only ones on set to a mob of 30 people moving things and setting up during breaks.
  • It was also incredible how many young people were working on the show. Most of the producers had to be only in their mid twenties!

    photo 2 copy 6

    Left: Carla and Michael Symon greeting some audience members. Right: Clinton taking a selfie with an audience member.

  • The hosts, Chef Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, and guest host Chef Curtis Stone (taking the place of Daphne Oz and Chef Mario Batali) were incredibly friendly.  During commercial breaks, they talked and danced with all of the audience members, especially Carla! They took pictures and chatted with the audience after the show ended and all of them seem to be having a really good time  and were enthusiastic towards being there.
  • The people who sit on the tasting panel are chosen in advance of the show, which was kind of a bummer because I would have lover to be up-close and personal to the cooking!

During the show Chef Michael Simon made grilled shrimp and a pea salad, which the panel and a handful of audience members go to taste, Curtis Stone made Tipsy Arnold Palmer made with ginger ale and Bourbon, and Carla headed the craft corner for this show, making springtime table centerpieces out of coffee filters. The one thing I wished was that they supplied the entire audience with sample of what they were making, but you can’t have it all I guess!  After seeing the taping of the Chew, I realized it isn’t as much about the preparation and technique of creating the food or crafts, but rather the personalities of the co-hosts and their interactions with each other, guests, and the audience.


Left to right: My mom, Carla Hall, and I

Seeing The Chew was a really fun and inexpensive experience ( the tickets are free, the only thing you need to worry about is transportation to the studio and maybe getting a bite to eat after the show).  If you live close to the city and are looking for a behind the scenes look at a fun and fresh talk show environment, I’d recommend you check it out!   



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