Proactive “Pizza”

Honestly, I have failed to ever meet someone why doesn’t like pizza. There is just so much to love. It hits every flavor you could ask for and you can put virtually anything on it and it probably will still be one of the best thing you’ve ever eaten.

As much as I wish I could eat pizza everyday, for every meal, for the rest of eternity, if I did, I would most likely be the next star of “My 600-lb Pound Life” and I will not allow that to happen.  I have seen several recipes for healthy pizza alternatives using cauliflower and other vegetable to make the pizza crust.  Even though knowing deep down in my pizza-loving soul that nothing could ever replace the original, I decided to take one of these recipes for a spin.

To the left is the outcome the cauliflower crust “pizza” I made. In which, I based my creation after this great recipe.

NOTE: Although this recipe was a great starting point, I added and changes a few things in order to add a bit more flavor and make it my own.


  • The recipe called for 6 cups of chopped cauliflower which is actually a lot more than you would think! When mixing in my stand-mixer, the mixture of the cauliflower, spinach, and other ingredients would over flow out of the mixing bowl at times, making a big mess. Tip: I would suggest that before putting the cauliflower in the mixer to run it through the food processor to break it up into smaller pieces that are easier to mix.
  • After you assemble the crust, you must bake it alone before putting the sauce and toppings on the pizza. Hint: Drawing from my own experience, you really want to make sure that you cook the crust enough alone before you assemble the toppings. Unfortunately I failed to do so, and this left the pizza crust a bit soggy.
  • This recipe calls for fat free cheese. Personally, I do not like to use fat free cheese because they do not seem natural to me, so I used regular Mozzarella cheese and it came out great. Tip: I also added a little bit of Parmesan to the crust mixture to add a little more of that cheesy pizza flavor.

Review of the recipe: I really enjoyed the end product; however, making the crust was a pretty long processed that took me well over an hour. If you have the time to make it, I suggest you do, but this definitely is not a recipe to make when you are on the go.  What I love about this recipe is that it is super versatile. Like normal pizza, you can put anything your little heart desires on it and it will still come out pretty dang good!

Although there will never be replacement of the original, pizza’s healthier cousin is definitely a delicious alternative.



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